Our manufacturers sale representative services cover all your needs

Local presence

  Closer than you think! Our reps are all over the GCC region, Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Nigeria, and Rwanda, and ready to serve you.

Superlative quality

  All of our services and solutions are headed by experts to escalate the quality of our work, and to meet our client’s expectations and standards

Customer alliances

We can build a strong stage empowering companies to produce, gather, follow up, and analyze client feedback at each phase of the client venture.


 You can advantage of our e-marketing services to build the proper personal base for your business, to make the suitable brand awareness and to keep whom interested in your business up-to-date.

Increase in turnover

We assist your business to make the hesitated to potential buyer, we utilize all of our services to make increase in profit for you

Welcome To Core

knowledge backed sales tactics

With focus on knowledge backed sales tactics and strong communication skills we sell and we create the pathways needed for our partners.


Why services by peaks?

We have an extended list of services that cover up every aspect of your business to grow healthy and stable, we are the change-makers when it comes to engineering, your trusted and reliable sale reps in ME region.


A company built for engineers by engineers

We understand what your business needs to improve, we employ our services to ameliorate your business, we understand what the market needs, and our clients want.