Peaks is your reliable agent partner

our team functions all across the ME to ensure your local presence, customer alliances, customer services and sales process is always excellent. We build strong principal- agent relationships, backed up by years of knowledge we are the cost saving solution for all our partners.

Our Company Profile
Our Mission

We aim to ascend in the infrastructure sector and manufactures engineering quality of services In the Middle East and Africa regions by delivering our services through the rightful channels to the targeted customers.

Our Role

Our role is centered around to connect the international manufacturers to GCC and ME regions, high in efficiency yet low in cost, Sustainable and expanding the horizons for the local manufacturers.

Our Vision

Leading the industry in the region into the future of infrastructure, we put more than 15successful years of experience and trusted engineers to serve our clients,sustainably and innovatively to radiate and cover all regions in more than 10countries like KSA, UAE, Turkey, India, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Bahrain Kuwait,Jordan, Nigeria, and Rwanda.