September 18, 2021

Hospitality a market that needs our solutions

Hospitality a market that needs our solutions

If we travelback in time, Hospitality by the meaning came from the word Hospes which meansvisitor or stranger, the sector exist to make a comfort stay like yourhome, though away from it, In this article we’ll put into your hands

why Hospitality market needs our solutions ?

In such sector, the management needs to keep the service up-to-date with the technologies around it, for the maximum comfort for the clients and meeting their expectations.


Our network infrastructure solutions is your way to have the head start, with the right technology infrastructure and reliable engineers that understandproducts and services.

Here your five reasons why peaks for your network infrastructure:

·       A fast Wi-Fi network:

is your key to your clients’ satisfaction, and for that you need the proper and capable servers who’d be able to handle the load of the customers’ usage. Connectivity is also a necessity for optimizing operating efficiency and service delivery, which leads to higher levels of guest satisfaction; a Wi-Fi’s reliability can make or break a customer’s loyalty.

·      Computer Systems:

it allows communication between larger hotel chains with multiple locations to connect easier. They also help keep staff on the same page and make it easier to access information, which needs reliable engineers to enhance operational efficiency, and improve services and customer experience.

·       Fiber Networking:

adopting a fiber network with the ability to converge multiple technologies over a single infrastructure, for band width demands that are ever increasing. And that is leading to more happy guests.


·      Converged LANs to Support Multiple Services:

when one network provider delivers networking services for voice, data, and video in a single network offering, instead of providing a separate network for each of these services. This allows the hotel to use one network from one provider for all communication and cloud-based services.


A variety of computer-based building services can be automated in order to control lighting, refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating. Besides reducing energy consumption.
·       Cyber Security:

Everyday the technology get updated, so does the malwares and cyber-attacks, and for such a sensitive industry, because it includes personal information, bankingetc… the industry is seemingly under attack from all angles,hoteliers must now take cybersecurity for hotels seriously.


And we’d like to highlight some the schemes that might affect your hotel security ,which we at peaks take it too seriously:


· Customers Data:

One of the biggest risks hoteliers report is the amount of hacking regarding their guest information. As such, network security is important. Especially when there are criminals from all over the world tryingto steal identities, and credit card data.

Protecting the identity and information of a customer is fundamental to the success of the hotel

 ·  Dark Hotel Hacking:

is a cyber attack that engages in highly targeted malicious attacks on different C-level business executives and other high-level figures.


Which sees criminals use a hotels Wi-Fi to target business guests.

In the conclusion of this article, we at peaks beside of being reliable engineers that understand products and services, we’re also is your reliable agent partner in the ME, And giving you the best of what your business needs for networking and its security, we take the privacy of our clients tight seriously, because when we  succeed, we thrive together