March 5, 2022

Excel Networking Solutions: Introduction

Excel Networking Solutions: Introduction
When you hear Excel Networking Solutions, does it ring a bell?

Yes, we’re the trusted Sales Representatives for them in the Middle East, in today’s article we will share with you a brief introduction about the company.


Excel brand is owned by Mayflex, and was launched firstly to the UK market in 1997, and throughout the years, Excel succeeded to grow in more than 70 countries tremendously, Excel is a world-class premium performance end-to-end infrastructure solution –designed, manufactured, supported and delivered – without compromise, Internationally the brand is present and growing in most European countries, and via the Mayflex Middle East location has strong market share in the UAE, Qatar and across the gulf region


Excel’s Solutions are numerous, high-quality materials and high-end products, and they’re as following:


·       Racks & Cabinets:

Excel Environ Racks are versatile, each type of rack is suitable for a variety of applications. However, each rack family is designed with specific applications in mind, helping you toselect the most suitable option, and they’re as following:


o   Floor-Standing Racks

o   Wall Racks

o   Open-Frame Racks

Excel’s Racks are really high in Performance and specifications and flexible in use.

·       Excel Copper Systems:

Whether you’re working to a specification of CPR and Standards compliant cabling in a large multi-purpose venue, Excel’s copper systems is category-rated performance and independent third-party verification with flexible options, high-density solutions and a comprehensive choice of products, all covered by a25-year warranty when installed by an accredited Excel Partner, and it includes:


o   Copper Patch Panel & Frames

o   Keystone Jacks& Shutters

o   CableManagement

o   TelephoneNetworking

o   Backboxes& FloorBoxes

·       Excel Enbeam FTTx Solution:

In 2018 the Enbeam PON solution was launched to meet growing demand in the Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU)space for high density, high speed fiber cabling and associated splitter and distribution systems, and the FTTx Solution includes:


o  FTTx Cable

o  Ducting

o  Interconnect Cables & Splitters

o  Housing, Domes and Enclosures


·       Power Solution:

Excel provides a wide range of Power Distribution Units from standard PDUs in a variety of configurations to provide greater flexibility and a choice of intelligent PDUs that allow you to monitor, manage and measure your power consumption, and below are the reasons why to choose Excel’s smart PDUs:


o   Excel PDUs come with a 3-year warranty as standard when installed by an accredited Excel partner.

o   Have are liable, CE and RoHs compliant product

o   It is flexible use and high in performance.


·       Excel Enbeam Fibre Systems:

The Excel Enbeam range of fiber optic systems delivers high performance, reliability and scalability for large multi-purpose venues.


Excel Enbeam Fiber Systems are variant and include:


o   Bulk Cable

o   Patch Cords

o   Adaptors and Connectors

o   Pigtails

o   Fiber Panels

o   Pre-terminated

o   PON

o   MTP


And every Enbeam Fiber solution, comes with its cleaning products, tools and accessories. And when installed by an accredited Excel Partner, Enbeam fiber products can be covered by our comprehensive 25-year warranty.


In conclusion, As much as Excel cares for the high-end solutions, they aim as well toward aplastic free packaging for their products because of that they have removed all of the single-use plastic from the majority of their products packaging and replaced them with the "natural" brown packaging options, as it's environmentally friendly but it’s easier for the engineers on the site to apply